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Call of Duty: Warzone

The Ask: Drop into culture. Develop an idea that interlinks Call of Duty Warzone to mainstream culture (i.e., not just gaming culture) so everyone, both players and non-players, celebrate Warzone.

The Solution: It's no secret that NBA players got game. No, for real, they game... a lot. Since the NBA is a culture incubator, it is the perfect opportunity to run a big time Warzone tournament with fans of both the sports and e-sports world. 

Art Director, Editor: Luke Roberts

Art Director: Ben Burgoyne

Copywriter: Brendan Nicholes


The Ask: Extend the value of Dashpass beyond free-delivery with exclusive experiences. Create a bold creative idea that will help us drive sign-ups and buzz for the subscription.

The Solution: Gamers know that Doordash offers convenience. But the Dashpass subscription offers more. Sign up to get deliveries to your game, and if you complete in-game challenges, you get deliveries to your real life front door.

Art Director, Editor: Luke Roberts

Copywriter: Hailey Skinner

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